Monday, December 7, 2009

Events! - Getting Greener - Are You?

Hi all! I didn't get a post in last Friday as I was at a phenomenal womens' conference most of the weekend! (Feel free to ask me about it anytime.) Sunday our troop enjoyed a performance of The Nutcracker by the Placer Theatre Ballet. One of our very own girls performed the part of an angel. Today I woke up to the surprise of snow at our home outside of Sacramento. My girls were thrilled and proceeded to pelt me with snowballs before leaving for school. Now it's time to get caught up with the business at hand!

Did you know that the average American uses enough paper and wood products each year to equal a 100-foot-tall Douglas fir tree? ( Considering the US population is upwards of 300 million people, we’re cutting down a lot of trees every year! Why does it matter? Trees make our planet habitable. They absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen that we can breathe. They also provide habitat for innumerable insects, birds and other animal species. In addition, trees provide shade, which lowers our energy use by keeping buildings cooler. So how can we decrease the demand for trees? It’s simple – use less paper and switch from virgin paper products to recycled paper products.

Girl Scouts Heart of Central California is “Going Green” and doing its part to save paper by decreasing the size of the Events! calendar and putting more of the details online. You can now find all the information you need about the activities being offered for your girl or troop at the GSHCC website. Once you access the website you can easily search for an event by the month it’s scheduled, alphabetically by event name, or by age level. Simply use the search categories featured on the left side of the page. All the information you need to know is listed in the event details including eligible age, date, time, location, fee, capacity and billing date. At the end of each event description is a pink “Register Now” button. All you have to do is click this link to sign up for your chosen event.

Do you have older girls in your troop? What is an “older girl” you ask? It varies by class but typically starts with girls that have completed at least 6th or 7th grade. The full year’s Older Girl Training calendar is at your fingertips online! Classes such as Program Aide, L.I.T., First Aide, Silver & Gold Awards, Backpacking and Leave No Trace are available! As with the events, all the pertinent details are included in the online description. Take advantage of these great opportunities for your girls to learn new leadership skills that will empower them to succeed!

Think you’ve got it all figured out? Don’t forget that things change! Make sure you check out the
Special Events tab once in a while (bottom left)! Often events come up with short notice and they don’t make the regular calendar listing. They’ll be listed here with all of the important information. What’s coming up soon?

Dec 15 & 17: Camp Menzies Parent Information Night (various locations)
Jan 12, 14, 19 & 21: Camp Menzies Parent Information Night (various locations)

Start a conversation with your troop about their impact on the environment and how they can make changes. Need some ideas to start your girls talking? Check out the Environmental Protection Agency’s website. To point out just a few related links that you’ll find there: Pick 5 for the Environment; Protect the Environment; and For Youth - this takes you to an age targeted page which opens an array of topics and activities your girls could enjoy!

“Today’s Vision – Tomorrow’s World” (1972)


Friday, November 27, 2009

Splurges, Steals and Holiday Deals!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your special Girl Scout? How about a holiday appreciation gift for your tireless co-leader or parent volunteer? It’s time to visit our Girl Scout Shop. You don’t even have to get off the couch to get there! Get cozy in your PJs, grab a mug of hot cocoa and logon to the Girl Scouts Heart of Central California website.

Are you looking to splurge on something extra special? How about a Juliette Low Limoges Box? These boxes have been treasured collectibles since 1771. Made by Artoria Limoges and measuring 2”x3”, this extra special box retails for $220.00. Do you need a classy gift to adorn your recipient? The beautiful Legacy Silk Scarf designed by former Girl Scout and New York designer Marisol Deluna may be just the right gift. Add a silver trefoil scarf slide and you have the perfect pair. The scarf retails for $75.00 and the slide retails for $14.00. Is your gift recipient a career girl? She’ll love the new Girl Scout briefcase. Made of stylish black microfiber with a striking fuchsia interior, it features a padded laptop compartment, a removable key fob and cell phone case, a side wall zip pocket, pocket organizers and more. There are additional zipper compartments on the front and back exterior. Measuring 26”x20”x16” and retailing for $60.00, this is the ultimate work tote! Still shopping? Check out the Distinctive Gifts flyer for more ideas.

How about a shopping “steal” instead? After you click the “Shop Now!” button, choose “Shop Specials” from the list of categories. You’ll find great markdowns under “Close-outs” and featured deals under “Monthly Specials”. Is there a scrap booker on your list? There are 10 sticker flip-it kits and scrapbooking sets on clearance - some for half price ($4.99-$9.99)! You’ll also find five swap pins on sale that any girl would love to receive in her holiday goodie bag. Made of enamel and 1” in size, each pin is only $1.50! A classic World Trefoil Charm for only $2.50 also makes an economical gift for any Girl Scout on your list! If you’re looking for something a little cozier, check out the fleece vest featured in the Monthly Specials. Available in red or blue, this vest will chase away the winter chills for only $19.99!

Looking for something with holiday flair? Check out the Capture the Holiday Season flyer. There are several new ornaments this year: Girl Scout Pewter Ornament, Girl Scout Traditional Logo Ornament, Girl Scout Heart Ornament, Girl Scout Daisy Tin Ornament, Brownie Elf Tin Ornament, Girl Scout Junior Tin Ornament and Snow Globe Embroidered Ornament ($3-$18.00). Select your favorite and start a new holiday tradition with your favorite Girl Scout. Need stocking stuffers? There are lots of other new items! Choose from pencils, pins, patches, pens, or the new charm bracelet ($.50-$8.00). If you want to add a cute and cuddly friend to your holiday celebration make sure you check out Snowball, Patches and Petals. They’re sure to bring a smile to any Girl Scout young or old ($20-$22.00)!

By now your basket should be full and your mug should be empty! If you need a little help, contact the shop at or (800) 578-0276/(916) 669-3232. Have the items shipped to your house or visit the shop in person to pick them up. Then sit back and enjoy the holiday cheer as your favorite Girl Scout enjoys her special gift.


*Shop products and prices are current as of this posting and are subject to change without notice.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope this day finds you and your loved ones happy & healthy! May you enjoy a wonderful day!


Friday, November 20, 2009

uniquely ME!

“What’s New” is finally new again! So is the grant that our council received from the Dove Self-Esteem Fund’s “Thank You for Making a Difference” campaign. The grant will finance the uniquely ME! program designed to encourage Girl Scouts in 4th-12th grade to become self-confident leaders.

Why do we need such a program you ask? Dove commissioned a national report on self-esteem entitled “Real Girls, Real Pressure” and the results are distressing. They discovered that 62% of girls nationwide feel insecure. This includes feeling that their appearance isn’t stylish or trendy enough, that they aren’t pretty enough, and that they’re overweight. 75% of these girls admit to participating in harmful activities such as cutting, bullying, smoking, drinking and disordered eating. The report also revealed that as they transition into the teenage years, fewer girls turn to their parents as a self-esteem resource. (You can read all of the key highlights by visiting Dove’s website and
clicking the Campaign for Real Beauty link.)

In response to this need,
Girl Scouts Heart of Central California has created over 130 activity boxes with all the supplies you need to complete the uniquely ME! activities with your troop or service unit. The boxes are segmented for Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors & Ambassadors. All materials costs as well as any additional fees for a location and staff members are completely and generously covered by the grant from Dove! This is a great opportunity for you to help your girls discover their positive attributes and to encourage them to develop leadership skills that will give them greater self confidence for the future.

Did you know that several of the most successful women in our country were Girl Scouts? Can you name a few? Think Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Sandra Day O’Connor and Katie Couric. Is one of your girls the next national leader? Is she destined to be a future role model for other teen girls? Empower her today with the skills that will make her successful tomorrow! To learn more or order your uniquely ME! activity box contact Liz Williams, Assistant Vice President of Program and Adult Development at 916-669-4475 or by e-mail at

"Girl Scouts Today - Leaders Tomorrow" (1937)


Monday, July 20, 2009

Parent News

July 9th

It was quite warm today up here at Camp Menzies but everyone had a lot of fun despite the heat. In the morning, the campers participated in a variety of activities with their units. For lunch some of the units had cookouts where they made food ranging from burritos to teriyaki chicken with vegetables. Tomorrow, we will be packing in the morning and then having a special ceremony followed by picture taking before everyone leaves. We are sorry to see everyone one goes, but excited for the new kids that are coming tomorrow, it has been a blast up here this session! We have few units leaving and new ones coming. On the Loose left today for their backpacking trip and they will go water rafting tomorrow. CIT’s are still on their two days trip to Lake Alpine where they are working on their program. Horse Lovers today went swimming and horse riding and continued to learn about horses with a ground lesson and two hour horseback riding time. Smores and more also had fun swimming and doing arts and crafts. . Have a good evening everyone and look for more pictures tomorrow.
Love, Ramona Raccoon

Happenings @ Session 2, 3 & 4

Session 2,3 & 4 –Happenings

Greetings Camp Menzies Parents!
Today was an eventful day at Camp Menzies, all the girls attending session 2 spent the morning packing and left in buses and vans in the afternoon. The session 4 campers arrived at lunchtime and spent the afternoon visiting the swimming hole, activity areas, patch ‘n’ go (our infirmary) and the dining hall to learn all about camp. The CIT’s helped the girls to pack before spending the afternoon working on leadership skills. This evening we heard from Yosemite Institute and beyond and Picture this, both groups are doing well and are looking forward to heading off to Mono Lake on Saturday. Mountains to the sea will be whale watching tomorrow. All trips will be getting back into camp on Monday afternoon or early evening. Here are some reports from the Ramona’s Reporters who left on the bus today:

6/25/09-Horsin’ Around
Dear Parents,
This week we learned to…. Horseback ride and to ride horses. We also learned how to saddle a horse. We get to go on a trail ride today. We got to do archery. We had an all camp campout and are making friends too. We got to see a lot of stars; it was cool to see the big dipper. We also made clay at Arts ‘n’ Crafts with Cobra. We had a great time with friends! We are going to nature for a pond study this afternoon.

6/26/09-Horsin’ Around
Dear Parents,
We’ve had a bunch of fun at Camp Menzies! My favorite part was riding horses. I rode a horse named Montana. I’m also excited about sleeping under the stars. We have this freezing swimming hole and everyone tried going in but most people got out right away. We also went to the canoe lake. It was very hot and took hard work. We have many awesome counselors and C.I.T.’s (Counselors in Training). They have cool and funny names. We also have really tasty meals for the girls and counselors. They make fun stuff to do at meals so we enjoy them. Many kids have cried but they like it here, we are having a lot of fun. Our cabins are very nice. They have eight beds in each cabin. We have free time which is called “me time”. At “me time” we make lanyards, read, talk, make cards and have fun. We have ridden the horses twice at camp. Some horses’ names are Bart, Nacho, Applejack, Topaz, Montana, Sugar and Cowboy, truly.

Last day of session 2,3 & 4 – Busy as bees

Hello Friends, Neighbors, Parents, Guardians, and everyone else! It was another hot day up here at Menzies, but it was a busy one too! Mad about Murals started their mural today and it is looking good! They also got to go horseback riding. They rounded out the evening with a dinner cookout, pasta and red sauce cooked over the campfire. Summer Stock was in action today. Half of the group attended “Smokey Joe’s CafĂ©” and the other half worked on acting techniques in camp. The show was entertaining and one of the favorite songs was “Lean on Me.” They rounded out their night with a night canoe in Lake Nettie Hunter. Eco Explorers had a fun filled day filled with learning, water, and crafts. These explorers headed out to nature to explore edible plants in camp. In the afternoon they got to find out about all the water Menzies has to offer. They went to swimming and got to shower! In the evening they slept out in the meadow. Take aim was right on target for a great day at Camp. Half of the group headed out to spend time with the horses and the other got to create at Arts n’ Crafts. Of course the evening was spent trying to achieve William Tell accuracy in Archery and in the evening they explored camp with a night hike. Horse Lovers was loving camp. In the morning they went to many of the camp activity areas, including archery, swimming, and horseback riding. In the afternoon the girls had a ground lesson with the horses and horse staff. The evening the spent start gazing in the meadow. We are looking forward to seeing Mountains to the Sea, Picture This, and Yosemite Institute tomorrow! Then we’ll get to see all of their pictures and hear all of their stories.

Love, Ramona Raccoon

Camp Echo

June 26th
Greetings Camp Menzies Parents!
We have had a busy couple of days at camp. Yosemite Institute and Beyond, Mountains to the Sea and Picture This have all headed out of camp on their trips. Yesterday we had an all camp counselor hunt and all of the groups in camp had an overnight in the meadow. Many of the groups enjoyed canoeing and swimming today in the warm afternoon. Trail Signs went on a long hike in Calaveras Big Trees State Park and the CIT’s helped out cleaning in the kitchen after dinner and also wrote a mission statement for them. Here are some reports from yesterday’s Ramona’s Reporters:
6-24-09-Sleepy Hollow-Under Construction
This morning we woke up and got ready for breakfast. After breakfast we rode horses and played games in the meadow. Then we played karaoke in archery with the Mountains to the Sea group. Last we came back to Sleepy Hollow and did unit Kapers and had lunch in our unit. After that we started building, we put on rafters and siding on the cabin. Next we took showers and had me time before playing games in the meadow and dinner.
6-24-09-Silver Fir-Camp Superhero
Hi there, Camp Superhero here!
Today was a super day; we started out with horseback riding and archery. We were very excited about both activities! At archery we fought villains by shooting at targets shaped like villains logos. After lunch we did a service project for camp by cleaning the trail from our unit to the campfire circle (Pine Haven). Another thing we were looking forward to was canoeing! We had a canoe race and played canoe tag. During the last part of the evening we moved our sleeping bags to the meadow. We slept in the dewy grass of the meadow. Orion told many marvelous stories; our favorites were the stories of Orion and Scorpios and Persephone. And that was our super day!

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Spring Registration Time

Register now for the 2009-10 membership year and earn more!

Earn more for Girl Scout Troops by receiving council credit coupons at Fall Product and Cookie Time; Have forms completed before school begins; Discover what the new membership year has to offer; Get ready to participate in Fall Product Program; Connect early with girls so they are able to do more in the fall.

Spring Registration Packets will be available at your next Girl Scout Leader's meeting!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Girl Scouts Heart of Central California has launched a new program to help our Girl Scout sisters in need. Sisters Helping Sisters will enable Girl Scouts or Girl Scout troops to provide supplies or other Girl Scout materials to troops or girls with financial need. If you are a girl or troop who could benefit from this program or would like to participate, email: Please place “Sisters Helping Sisters” in the subject line and more information will be sent to you.
We have also placed a Giving Tree in the Rancho Cordova and Modesto Girl Scout Shops with requests for supplies.

G E T S T A R T E D T O D A Y !
Purchase an item on the Giving Tree and help a troop in need.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CSI Approved!

Congratulations to Troop 1412!

Emily, Maddie, and Samantha answered every question with Courage, Confidence and Character!

Look for a CSI at your next Girl Scout Cookie site sale!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Girl Scouts teams up with Microsoft.

Girl Scouts of the USA has launched a new partnership with Microsoft called LMK ("let me know").

LMK is an online safety campaign created in partnership with Girl Scouts of the USA and Microsoft. The campaign includes an interactive Web site for girls, as well as an e-newsletter and Web site for adults.

Go to for more information, create an account, and earn the first ever Girl Scouts of the USA digital patch!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Girl Scouts Heart of Central California Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly

February 7, 2009

Laguna Town Hall
3020 Renwick Avenue
Elk Grove, California

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Please send all questions to